Many Hearts Are Filled With Darkness

Many hearts are filled with darkness,
Longing for the light;
You can be the means of leading
Them from paths of night.
There lies a chord deep-hidden
Which you only can make sing,
The song of Jesus’ all-redeeming love
Which alone can vict’rybring.

You can start a song in some heart,
And keep it singing, if you only do your part,
And send its happy notes to heav’n above-
Theme of everlasting love.

One, perhaps, to you is looking,
Waiting for release,
Hoping, longing for redemption
And its perfect peace.
This one might prove a worker
Of wonderful pow’r to be,
Or, it may be a talent that will shine
Through a long eternity. [Refrain]

You can start a song of vict’ry
That shall never end
Till with it in strains celestial
Choirs of heav’n shall blend;
But ere it reaches upward
To regions of bliss above,
It first must sing its way through some poor heart,
Starting melodies of love. [Refrain]