Many Long Years I Wandered

Many long years I wandered,
With no compass or chart,
But the time that I squandered
Brought no peace to my heart;
But since Jesus hath found me,
And with me will abide,
When the waves roll around me
Now I know where to hide.

Yes, I know where to hide,
And in safety abide;
Since my Savior sought and found me,
I know where to hide.

Sin no longer can harm me,
For my Savior is here;
No temptation can charm me
While my dear Lord is near;
Blessed peace he will give me
While I walk by his side,
And while Jesus is with me
Will I know where to hide. [Refrain]

I will love him forever,
He’s my wonderful friend;
He’ll forsake me, no, never,
He’ll be mine to the end;
And when death, silent reaper,
Will no more be denied,
He will still be my keeper,
For I know where to hide. [Refrain]