Many Precious Souls Are Drifting

Many precious souls are drifting
With the awful tide of sin,
Heeding not the loving Savior,
Who would safely bring them in.

Where are you today, my brother?
Are you drifting with the tide,
Or upon the Rock of ages,
Does your trusting soul abide?

Soon the storm will break upon them,
Soon the endless night will fall,
Yet they drift, and will not listen,
To the Savior’s call. [Refrain]

Day by day they near the breakers,
Hour by hour they near the grave,
Still they turn away from Jesus,
Who is reaching out to save. [Refrain]

Heed, O drifting soul, the warning,
Heed today the Pilot blest;
Let Him steer you to the harbor,
Where you may in safety rest. [Refrain]