Many Seek For Earthly Treasure

Many seek for earthly treasure,
But the prize they seldom gain;
In the giddy round of pleasure,
Many seek for joy in vain,
But to those of contrite spirit
Seeking Jesus, good and kind,
Is the cheering promise, hear it,
“Seek, and ye shall find.”

Seek and find the blessed Savior,
Who the precious promise has given,
It is he who offers you pardon,
And to give you a home in heaven.

They who seek the things of heaven,
And upon the Lord believe,
Have the blest assurance given,
They shall crowns of life receive,
Feebly seeking after Jesus,
Stopping oft to look behind,
From our doubts the promise frees us,
“Seek, and ye shall find.” [Refrain]

If we early seek the Savior,
If we to the end endure,
We shall gain his gracious favor,
Our salvation shall be sure,
Jesus, thou art ever near us,
Sick with sin, and lame and blind,
But the promise still doth cheer us,
“Seek, and ye shall find.” [Refrain]