Many Souls On Lifes Dark Ocean

Many souls on life’s dark ocean,
Without helm, or sail, or oar,
Struggling with the waves’ commotion,
Seek a quiet rest on shore.
Christian brother, join to labor,
By the light of love divine;
Help to save thy drowning neighbor;
Trim thy lamp and let it shine.

Haste! to the rescue,
Fear not wind or wave;
God’s grace will aid you
Sinking ones to save.

See the lighthouse watcher, keeping
Every beacon shining bright;
Waking while the world is sleeping;
Wrapt in thickest shades of night.
There is many an ocean ranger
Toss’d upon the dreadful shoals;
Friends and comrades are in danger,
Haste to save their precious souls. [Chorus]

Hold the light for one another;
‘Tis thy loving Lord’s command;
Seize the shipwreck’d, drowning brother
With a manly, loving hand.
Rouse him up to life and action;
Quick apply the means to save;
And by love’s divine attraction,
Lift him, lift him from the wave. [Chorus]

Lift the light up higher, higher!
Thousands, thousands need your aid;
Throw its flashes nigher, nigher;
Plead and urge, constrain, persuade,
Borrow torches from the altar,
Blazing like the noonday sun;
Hold them up, nor flag, nor falter,
Till thou hear the words, “Well done.”