Many The Barks On The River Of Life

Many the barks on the river of life,
Precious the burdens they bear;
Some will cast anchor ‘mid scenes of delight,
Some in the gloom of despair.

Flash out the signal light!
O, let it shine,
Shine for the perishing souls;
Flash out the signal light!
See! even now,
Brothers are wreck’d on the shoals.

Swiftly they’re sailing, no stop can they know,
Even when dangers assail;
Whether the current be shallow or deep,
Onward their course must prevail.

Whirlpools and rapids abound in the stream;
Who will give warning today?
Trim up your signal lamp, brother, O haste,
Send its bright gleams o’er the way!

See! beaming yonder by way of the cross,
Jesus, our blest signal light;
Soon will He give us sweet rest from our toil,
Heav’ns glad day for our night.