Many Thoughts Stir My Heart Orsborn

Many thoughts stir my heart as I ponder alone;
Many places attract me with charms all their own;
But the thought of all thoughts is of Christ crucified,
The place of all places, the hill where He died.

O the charm of the cross! How I love to be there!
With the love that shines from it, what love can compare?
The seal of my ransom in Calvary I see,
All my sin, O my Savior, laid upon Thee!

‘Tis the end of my sin and the source of all grace;
‘Tis the word of God’s love to a prodigal race;
‘Tis the greatest, the grandest gift God could impart,
Surpassing my reason, but winning my heart. [Refrain]

For the sake of the Christ and the love of His cross
I have yielded my all and not reckoned it loss;
There’s a place in my heart which the Savior must fill;
No other can take it, and none ever will. [Refrain]