Many Years A Faithful Christian

Many years a faithful Christian,
Striving hard ‘gainst inbred sin,
Until Jesus one day whispered,
“Trust my blood, I’ll make you clean,”
Then I saw this wondrous cleansing,
Consecrated all to God,
Lo! I found the “second blessing,”
Underneath the precious blood.

In my Father’s blessed keeping
I am happy, cleansed and free;
Since I’ve found the “second blessing,”
Christ is all in all to me.

What a wondrous, wondrous blessing
Keeps me calm in times of storm,
And, abiding now in Jesus,
Makes me happy all day long;
All my cares, and toils, and worries,
On the altar I have laid;
I received the “second blessing”
When my sacrifice was made. [Refrain]

In this promised land of Canaan
There is perfect love and rest,
All the giants now are conquered
Since this love I have possessed;
I am basking in the sunlight,
For my soul is satisfied;
And I journey on rejoicing,
Praising God I’m sanctified. [Refrain]