Many Years I Wandered In The Wilderness

Many years I wandered in the wilderness,
Doubts and fears arose and caused my heart distress;
I was not ashamed my Jesus to confess,
But I never had known of His pow’r.

How I longed for ev’ry fear and doubt to flee,
For a faith to trust the blood to make me free;
And I yielded then my life and all to be
Fully given to Jesus my Lord.

Oh, the blood of Jesus cleanseth me from sin,
For I’ve yielded self and let Him enter in;
He has full control and keeps me pure and clean,
Since He came to abide in my heart.

Now I’m walking daily in the king’s highway,
With no doubts nor fears, He took them all away;
He provides my needs and keeps me day by day,
Cleansed and kept by His own precious blood.