March Along O Soldier Brave And True

March along, O soldier, brave and true,
Trust in Him who safely leadeth thee;
Dread not the strongest foe to meet,
His cause shall never know defeat,
His pow’r over all shall prevail!
His word, unbroken, shall endure,
And triumph, in His name, is sure;
To Him let songs of praises ring,
He is the Lord, the King!

March on, now beginning,
March on, souls be winning;
All your strength to Jesus bring,
Loud in exultation sing,
And take the world for Christ the King,
For Christ, the Lord, the King!

March along, O soldier, to the fray;
And, while marching, ever watch and pray,
For Christ will thy deliv’rer be,
And He will give the victory,
His pow’r over all shall prevail!
Tho’ dangers hover round about,
Dread not the foe within, without;
He from defeat can vict’ry bring,
He is the Lord, the King. [Refrain]

“Onward!” ever let the watchword be!
On with zeal! so much depends on thee
That truth and right o’er all shall reign;
Stand fast! your faith is not in vain,
His pow’r over all shall prevail!
He leadeth the way! dismiss thy fear;
In ev’ry trial He is near.
Then loud in exultation sing,
He is the Lord, the King! [Refrain]