March Along Rejoicing Loyal Soldiers

March along rejoicing, loyal soldiers of the King,
Make the world reecho with his praises as you sing;
Let his love and service now your souls completely sway,
He alone is worthy, he alone can lead the way.

March along, march along, happy hearts and bright;
To the King lift the song, sing with pure delight;
Praise his love, for it will always keep you strong;
Raise the royal banner high, and march along.

Show to all around you that his love can keep you free;
Tell to all that Jesus shall your Leader always be;
Praise his boundless goodness in the thoughtless, busy throng;
Keep the faith and fight against the hosts of sin and wrong. [Refrain]

Follow Jesus closely wheresoever he may go,
He will surely shield you from the weapons of the foe;
And, if you are faithful, when the battle here is o’er,
In his blessed presence you shall rest forevermore. [Refrain]