March Along With A Song Soldiers

March along with a song,
Soldiers for the King;
Tell the world, hopes unfurled,
Saddened hearts may sing;
Jesus saves, Jesus saves,
Death has lost its sting;
God’s dear Son the vict’ry won,
He is the Savior, King.

Marching on we go,
Soldiers for the King;
Our hearts thrill with love, and His praises sing;
Joy! Joy to the world, conquered ev’ry foe;
Grace divine the vict’ry wins as on we go.

Crucified, Jesus died,
On the cruel tree;
From above, came in love,
Just to set us free;
He alone, could atone,
Sins great victory;
Life He gave our souls to save,
Thro’ all eternity. [Refrain]

Not by might, nor by sword,
But His Spirit true;
In the strife for the right,
We will dare and do;
Go and preach, pray and teach,
Bids His voice divine;
In the cross, there is no loss,
We conquer by that sign. [Refrain]