March March Onward Soldiers True

March, march onward, soldiers true!
Take through clouds and mist your way,
Yonder flows the fount of life,
Yonder dwells eternal day.
March, though myriad foes are nigh,
Forward till ye reach the shore;
Then, when all the strife is done,
Rest in peace for evermore.

Hark, hark, loud the trumpet sound!
Wake, ye children of the light;
Time is past for sloth and sleep;
Wake and arm you for the fight.
Spear and sword each warrior needs;
Foes are round you, friends are few;
Faint not though the way be long;
Fainting, still your way pursue.

See, see, yonder shines your home;
Gates of pearl and walls of gold,
Joy that heart hath never known,
Bliss that tongue hath never told.
Victors then through Christ your Lord,
Gather’d round his glorious throne,
Be it yours to sing his praise,
Praise that he, your King, shall own.

Praise, praise him who reigns on high!
Praise the co-eternal Son,
Praise the Spirit, Lord of life,
Praise the blessed Three in One.
Praise him, ye who toil and fight;
Praise him, ye who bear the palm;
As the sound of mighty seas,
Pour your everlasting psalm.