March Onward March Onward Our Banner Of

March onward, march onward, our banner of light
Is waving before us majestic and bright;
March onward through trial, temptation, and strife,
No rest from the conflict, the battle of life.

Press forward, look upward, be strong in the Lord,
Our hope in His mercy, our trust in His word.
Press forward, look upward, march homeward, and sing,
All glory to Jesus, to Jesus our King.

March onward undaunted, whate’er may oppose,
The sword of the Spirit will vanquish our foes;
Though legions of darkness our pathway assail
If prayer be our watchword, they cannot prevail. [Chorus]

The shaft of the tempter will strike, but in vain,
Our buckler of faith in Immanuel’s name,
The stormclouds may gather, the thunder may roll,
Yet God is the Refuge and Rock of my soul. [Chorus]