Marching Along With Banner And Song

Marching along with banner and song,
We are coming bright as the day;
Hope like an angel scatters her flow’rs
O’er our happy way;
Marching along, marching along,
Voices blending, hearts full of glee;
Love and beauty, smiling o’er us,
Crown our jubilee.

Marching along with banner and song,
Lightly, quickly bounding away;
Marching along, our Sunday school army
Welcome a joyful day.

Friends who behold us gathered once more,
See our numbers, mark how they grow;
Led by the Saviour lovingly on,
Forward still we go;
Marching along, marching along,
This our watchword, Trust in the Lord;
If we bear His standard nobly,
Great is our reward. [Refrain]

Marching along with banner and song,
Straight before us, keep in the line
Where our Commander leadeth us on;
There His light will shine;
Keep in the line, keep in the line,
Marching, marching, marching along;
May our Saviour find us ever
Loyal, brave and strong. [Refrain]