Marching Forth To Conquer In The Highest

Marching forth to conquer in the highest name,
Keeping step with Jesus we his promise claim,
Naught can overcome us while we do his will,
All his sacred orders seeking to fulfill.

Marching on to vict’ry, let our hearts be brave,
Jesus is our leader, he will bless and save;
Marching on to vict’ry, songs of faith we’ll sing,
Till our shouts of triumph shall exultant ring.

Over us the banner of salvation streams,
On its folds the glory of Mount Calv’ry gleams;
See, the holy emblem of the cross is there,
With its light dispelling darkness and despair. [Refrain]

Let us never falter, never turn aside
From the way of duty whatsoe’er betide;
Then when strife is ended, all our foes o’ercome,
Sweet will be the resting in our Savior’s home. [Refrain]