Marching On For Jesus

Marching on for Jesus,
Following the throng,
Lifting up His banner
With triumphant song;
May we never falter
‘Mid the hosts of sin,
In the mighty warfare
He will help us win.

Shout, shout for joy,
Take up the triumph song,
Shout, shout for joy,
The strife will not be long;
Praise, praise His name,
And lift the cross on high,
Brighter days are dawning,
Glad victory is nigh.

Shout aloud rejoicing,
Bravely take a stand,
Marching on together
To the promised land;
Over ev’ry pathway
Bright His light doth shine,
“Love” shall be our watchword
In a cause divine. [Refrain]

Soon the lifelong battle
Will be won at last,
Soon our crowns of gladness
At His feet we’ll cast.
On with true endeavor,
We must do our best,
When the conflict’s over,
Comes eternal rest. [Refrain]