Marching On Together Singing As We Go

Marching on together, singing as we go,
Lifting high His banner, facing every foe,
Stepping where He bids us, looking up above
Trusting in a Saviour’s love.

March, march, march, march, forward with rejoicing,
Onward, upward, all our gladness voicing,
March, march, march, march, backward turning never,
Singing, shouting, victory forever.

Forward thro’ the sunshine, standing for the right,
In the song of triumph cheerfully unite,
Pressing gladly onward, thro’ the narrow way,
Serving Him from day to day. [Refrain]

Shouting loud the watchword, calling no retreat,
Upward we will follow where He guides our feet,
All the world for Jesus, loyally we sing,
Forward! for the Lord our King. [Refrain]