Marching On With Banner Waving

Marching on with banners waving, singing in our gladness,
Fearing not the countless foes that throng our way,
In the sunlight of His love that banishes all sadness,
With the Spirit’s sword we’ll conquer in the fray.

Marching on, on, on, filling the way with joyous singing;
Marching on, on, on, praises to Jesus ever bringing;
Marching on, on, on, victory o’er the wide world ringing,
Hallelujah! in His name we’re marching on.

Marching on, a mighty army trusting in His power,
At His royal bidding boldly pressing on,
Loyal soldiers, in His footsteps walking every hour,
Fearing not to tread the path where Christ has gone. [Refrain]

Marching on for Captain Jesus, through the shadows breaking,
Soon o’er all the world shall wave His banner bright;
After struggle, toil and pain shall come the glad awaking,
Crowns of victory we’ll wear in realms of light. [Refrain]