Marching Onward In The Battle Gainst The

Marching onward in the battle ‘gainst the foe,
We will sing with loud hosannas as we go,
We will follow after Jesus all the way,
He will lead us on to vict’ry day by day.

Marching, marching, over ev’ry sin,
With our Captain we will go, in the conflict we shall win;
Marching, marching, singing as we go,
We shall triumph over ev’ry foe.

Marching onward we’ll be ever true and brave,
Striving daily some poor sinful soul to save,
We will march in solid phalanx ‘gainst the wrong,
For in numbers and the Spirit we are strong. [Refrain]

Marching onward with our banner still unfurled,
We will take for Christ the nations of the world,
So we’ll keep in step with Jesus and the Word,
Until ev’ry race on earth His love has heard. [Refrain]

Marching onward we will reach the better land,
Where with all His ransomed people we will stand;
May each crown be gemmed with jewels fair and bright,
Happy souls we led from sin to heaven’s light. [Refrain]