Marching Onward Like The Men

Marching onward, like the men of old
With their treasures, frankincense and gold;
We would offer gifts of praise and love,
Joyful tribute to the King above.

Marching onward with happy songs we go;
Marching onward to overcome the foe;
Marching onward, a loyal, happy band,
Toward the Promised Land.

Marching onward, but to bring good cheer,
Telling others of a Savior near;
Waking gladness as we pass along,
Soothing sadness with a trustful song. [Refrain]

Marching onward, for the news we bear
Helps to lighten ev’ry load of care;
Shout the tidings, driving fear away;
Christ the Savior, born for us today. [Refrain]