Marshall Ye Hosts Of God And Take This W

Marshall, ye hosts of God,
And take this world of sin,
Long has the battle waged,
Yet darkness reigns within.
Day dawns, we march away,
Our banner to the breeze,
Our battle cry,
This world or die,
The conquest ne’er give o’er.

Onward march, and take this world of sin,
Press each foe, the battle now begin,
See! Sin yields, we shout the victory;
Crown him King! Our song shall ever be.

Forward, we onward march,
A vast and mighty throng,
Darkness shall be dispelled,
All nations hear our song.
Jesus our Captain is,
And leads the conquest on,
A vict’ry win
O’er death and sin,
We raise the victor’s song. [Chorus]

Hasten, the coming day,
When he shall reign supreme,
Glory shall crown his brow,
His praise the anthem theme.
Higher the banner raise,
His love and pow’r proclaim,
The blood-stained cross,
Ne’er suffer loss,
We claim the victory. [Chorus]

Ground arms! The vict’ry’s won,
We march from earth away,
Jesus still leads us on,
In realms of glorious day.
Higher the anthem raise,
Let heav’n its echo swell,
Our spoils we bring
And crown him King,
Proclaim him conqueror. [Chorus]