Mary Mother Of Good Counsel

Mary, mother of Good Counsel,
you found favor in God’s sight.
Overshadowed by the Spirit,
you brought forth the world’s true light.
Filled with faith and holy wisdom,
you were worthy of God’s choice.
May we too possess these virtues
so that we may hear God’s voice.

All God’s people give you honor,
graceful bearer of Good News.
Be for us a constant model,
holy one whom God did choose.
May we sing God’s saving power;
may we tend to human need.
May God’s word dwell deep within us,
counsel for each holy deed.

Glory to the God who made us,
who is author of all life;
Glory to the Word Incarnate,
who redeemed us from all strife;
Glory to the Holy Spirit,
who in water gives rebirth;
For the gift of Blessed Mary
to the pilgrim Church on earth.