Master I Have Heard Thee Pleading

Master, I have heard Thee pleading
With mine inmost soul tonight!
Now Thy solemn message heeding,
I would end the fight;
Vainly hath my soul been struggling
With the tyrant on its throne;
Now, dear Lord, the kingdom taking,
Claim me Thine alone.

Jesus, Master, search me, prove me!
With Thy fire O try my heart;
All I am and have I yield, Lord;
All I need-Thou art.

Spirit, soul, and body yielding
Willingly to Thee, my Lord!
What I give Thou now art taking;
I believe Thy word!
Yes I trust Thee as my Keeper,
‘Mid temptations day by day,
Trust Thee as my Guide and Leader
In the narrow way. [Chorus]

Now, henceforth, Lord, and for ever,
I am Thine; yes, all for Thee;
Thine in service, or in suff’ring-
Choose my path for me.
Peace and joy my heart are filling;
Rest beyond all power to tell,
This my ever-deep’ning portion
While in Thee I dwell. [Chorus]