Master I Own Thy Lawful Claim

MASTER, I own thy lawful claim,
Thine, wholly thine, I long to be;
Thou seest, at last, I willing am
Where’er thou goest to follow thee;
Myself in all things to deny,
Thine, wholly thine, to live and die.

Pleasure and wealth and praise no more
Shall lead my captive soul astray;
These fond pursuits I all give o’er,
Thee, only thee, resolved to obey;
My will in all things to resign,
And know no other will but thine.

Wherefore to thee I all resign,
Being thou art of love and power;
Thy only will be done, not mine;
Thee, Lord, let Heaven and earth adore;
Flow back the rivers to the sea,
And let my all be lost in thee.