Master On Calvary We See Thee In Anguish

Master, on Calv’ry we see Thee in anguish,
Unto Thy cross we by faith would draw nigh;
Wounded and thorn-crowned in pain dost Thou languish,
Suff’ring for sinners uplifted to die,
For sinners uplifted to die.

O vision of Calvary, vision so blest,
His love and compassion reveal;
For He came that the weary might ever find rest,
And He came broken-hearted to heal.
In His cross would we hope,
We would glory for aye,
In its light we would ever abide,
For the Saviour who suffered that we might be free,
To His home everlasting will guide.

Hear we Thy message of mercy so tender,
“Father, forgive they know not what they do;”
Can we but yield in a fullest surrender,
Unto a love so unfathomed, so true?
To love so unfathomed, so true? [Refrain]

Yet o’er the cross what a glory is falling,
Sorrow is ended and anguish is o’er;
Down thro’ the years list the Crucified calling,
“Come unto me, and find rest evermore,”
O come and find rest evermore. [Refrain]