Master We Call To Mind Thy Word

Master, we call to mind Thy Word,
We are not now above our Lord;
Sufficient ’tis for us to be
In sufferings and in griefs like Thee.
While men, to prove Thy savings true,
With cruel wrath our souls pursue,
As evil they cast out our name,
And brand us with Thy glorious shame.

All kind of ill they falsely say,
Because we will Thy truth obey,
To Thee with steady purpose cleave,
And godly in Thy Spirit live.
Exposed to man’s oppressive power,
We stand in danger every hour,
The rage of persecution bear,
And hated as our Lord we are.

O may we in Thy footsteps go,
Thee, only Thee resolved to know,
To slaughter in Thy Spirit led,
Conformed in all things to our Head.
Give us Thy strength, O God of love,
And hide our better life above,
Then on our side at last appear,
And lo, we come to suffer here!