Mid The Billows Of Temptation On The Res

‘Mid the billows of temptation, on the restless seas of life,
When the threatening waves with dread our spirits fill,
If we only look to Jesus, over all the din and strife,
We can hear Him calmly saying, “Peace, be still.”

“Peace, be still, peace, be still,
Peace, be still” the Savior whispers, “peace, be still”;
He will let no ill betide, at His word the storms subside,
“Peace, be still,” the Savior whispers, “peace, be still.
Peace, be still, peace, be still, peace, be still.”

O how sweet the tender pity of our human-hearted Lord!
At His word our souls with love and gladness thrill!
He can understand each trial, He will ready help afford,
Only hear Him calmly saying, “Peace, be still.” [Refrain]

Tempest tossed, yet worn and weary, ye who pine in sore distress,
Yield in full surrender to His holy will;
He will save, and guide and keep you, He will ever cheer and bless,
You shall hear Him sweetly saying, “Peace, be still.” [Refrain]