Miss Jessies Song

Spoken Vocal:
One of the sweet privileges of being a gospel preacher is the opportunity to
minister to people when they are walking through those valleys of life, as well
as those mountain top experiences. On Christmas of 00 I was called to the
bedside of a precious saint in her late 80’s who was on her death bed. Her name
was Mrs. Jessie Hill and after requesting that I pray with her, she asked me to
sing her a song. And what happened in those moments as I beheld her faith, her
hope, and her peace inspired the writing of this song.
I was kneeling by her bedside
And her life was almost gone
She was ready to see Jesus
Just didn’t want to go alone
She was looking over Jordan
She could see the other shore
Knowing He would walk beside her
And He would keep her evermore

She had me sing of “Precious Memories”
And the “Old Rugged Cross”
And that when we cross the Jordan
We’ll not have to cross alone
Oh how precious to our Savior
When His Saints are gathered home
She’s just looking over Jordan
She’s just looking toward her home

She’s just looking over Jordan
She’s just headed for her home