Mixtures Of Joy And Sorrow

Mixtures of joy and sorrow I daily do pass through,
Sometimes I’m in the valley–then sinking down with woe;
Sometimes I am exalted–on eagles’ wings I fly;
Rising above Mount Pisgah, I almost reach the sky.

Sometimes my hope is little–I almost lay it by;
Sometimes it is sufficent if I were called to die;
Sometimes I am in doubting, and think I have no grace;
Sometimes I am a shouting and Bethel is the place.

Sometimes I shun the Christian, for fear he’ll talk to me;
Sometimes he is the neighbor I long most to see;
Sometimes we meet together–in seasons dry and dull;
Sometimes I find a blessing of joy that fills my soul.

Sometimes I read my Bible–its seems a sealed book;
Sometimes I find a blessing whereever I do look.
Sometimes I got to meeting, and wise I’d staid at home;
Sometimes I find my Jesus, and then I’m glad I come.

O how I am thus tossed–thus tossed to and fro!
How are my hopes thus crossed wherever I do go!
O Lord, thou never changes–it is because I stray;
Lord, guide me by Spirit, and keep me in the way.