Moses Was A Man Of God

Moses was a man of God (Moses, Moses)
Moses was a man of God (Moses, Moses)
He’s walkin’s side by side and in His will abide (Moses, Moses)
Moses was a man of God (Moses, Moses, Moses)
Pharaoh’s heart was hard against the Lord
He slaughtered Israel’s baby boys
One was saved, saved from the heathen sword
Faith just couldn’t be destroyed

By God’s design Moses lived his life
An the palace of the king (of the king)
It was a holy sign, he’s the royal line
He is a servant of the King of Kings (servant of the King oh Savior)

When Moses realized he was an Israelite
And found out Yahweh had a plan
He heard his people’s cry, he surely knew their plight
He had to lead them to the promise land (to the land that He had promised His

Through the Lord’s inisitence, Moses showed resistance (Moses was afraid)
I guess he was afraid to go (you really know he didn’t want to go)
But then his mind was made and no one could dissuade (he really made up his
He had a power faithful God to show

Man of God, his faith fires are burning
Man of God, has love ever yearning

People wandered in the wilderness of sin
Their faith in God was really a mess (really was a mess)
But Moses’s faith held true, he really pulled them through
A faithful man the word confessed

It’s true that in the end he did not enter in (did not, did not enter in)
He left the earth from Mt. Nebo
A great example though of godly selfless love
And yes the Lord did love him so (He loved him, He loved him, He love him so)

Moses was a man of God (Moses, Moses, Moses)
Moses was a man of God (Moses, Moses, Moses)