Move Forward

Let the whole wide world be taken,
In the name of Christ our King;
Let the powers of sin be shaken,
And our shouts of victory ring;
Jesus calls, why should we tarry?
Let our loyal hearts respond,
And the fight of faith we’ll carry
To the regions still beyond.

Move forward into battle!
Let this our watchword be;
With Christ, our mighty Captain,
We’ll gain the victory;
He leads us to the battle,
The King Whom we adore;
We’ll fight till He shall conquer all,
And reign from shore to shore.

Onward with the Gospel story,
Let the Word of Life prevail
Over evils grim and hoary;
Never shall our Leader fail;
He it is Who goes before us,
‘Tis His banner floats on high;
Lift again the joyful chorus,
Hail the triumph drawing nigh.

Take the armor of salvation,
Battling on the fields afar;
Giant ills, in every nation,
Fall before the Morning Star;
“Go ye,” hear the Master saying,
With His ever conquering sword;
Help us, Lord, Thy Word obeying,
Faith shall gain a rich reward.