My God In Whom I Trust

If you dwell beneath the shelter
Of the Lord your God Most High,
You will rest within the shadow of Almighty El Shaddai.
He’ll deliver you from all your foes
As you let loose the cry, “My God, in Whom I trust!”

He’s my Refuge and my Fortress,
My Salvation and my Stronghold,
He’s my Rock and my Deliverer,
My God, in Whom I trust!

He will cover you with feathers,
Give you refuge ‘neath his wings.
You will have no fear of terror by night
Or what the daylight brings.
His own faithfulness will be your shield because your spirit sings,
“My God, in Whom I trust!”

Though a thousand at your left may fall,
Ten thousand at your right,
The disaster won’t come near your tent,
But only pass your sight.
If you make the Lord your dwelling place,
He’ll save you from your plight, this God, in whom you trust!

He’ll command his angel hosts on high
To guard you in your way.
They will lift you up in mighty hands,
So you’ll not trip or stray.
You will trample down the lion and the serpent while you say,
“My God, in Whom I trust!”

It’s because you love the Lord your God
That he protects your frame.
He has promised to deliver all who call upon his name.
He will show you his salvation,
For your word is e’er the same,
“My God, in Whom I trust!”