My Life Is Full Of Glory Each Duty From

My life is full of glory, each duty from above,
He gives me from His storehouse of everlasting love;
I fear not when He bids me go and with my mouth confess,
For I am trusting not in self,
But in His righteousness.

My life is full of glory,
That passeth not away,
The sunshine of His precious love,
Grows brighter day by day;
My soul shall ever own Him,
My heart shall ever sing,
For all is full of Glory,
Since Jesus is my King.

My life is full of glory, since Jesus came to me,
And now I tell the story of grace so full and free;
For in each trial He comforts me, in sorrow and in woe,
He walks beside me in the way
That He would have me go. [Refrain]

My life is full of glory, and Jesus longs to be,
An everlasting portion, to you as well as me;
He bids you rise and follow Him, from sorrow unto joy,
And thou shalt find a blessedness
Which nothing can destroy. [Refrain]