My Life Is Full Of Sunshine And Peace Is

My life is full of sunshine, and peace is in my soul,
Since Jesus came to dwell there, and take the full control.
The heavy clouds of darkness no more the sun can hide,
For in my heart there’s sunshine, since He came to abide.

Let the love of Jesus shine, shine in you,
For His love will brighten each step of the way;
Let the love of Jesus shine, shine in you,
So open your heart, let in His sunshine today.

I’ve seen the lightnings flashing and heard the thunder roar,
And rain to earth descending has covered glen and moor;
But while the storm is raging, and dark may be the night,
There’s hope and peace in Jesus, in my heart there is light. [Refrain]

The Light that never faileth e’en tho’ the sun may wane-
Can brighten darkest corners, shine thro’ the vilest stain.
Open your heart to Jesus, the Light of all mankind,
And gloom will surely vanish, peace in Him you will find. [Refrain]