My Life Is Not What It Used To Be

My life is not what it used to be,
My sorrow and sins are gone,
I sing and I shout hallelujah,
I’m on my happy journey home.

The way is very narrow, but I’ll follow,
I’ll follow, I’ll follow,
The way is very narrow, but I’ll follow,
I will follow the footsteps of my Lord.

Once life was all disappointment,
Friends trusted all proved untrue;
In Jesus I found help and comfort,
He proved a Friend and Brother, too. [Refrain]

I mourn no longer in sorrow,
The clouds have all passed away;
I look up to heaven rejoicing,
There’s glory, glory ev’ry day. [Refrain]

I’ve peace past all understanding,
The Comforter dwell within;
I’ve songs full of joy never-ending,
For Jesus saves me from all sin. [Refrain]