My Life O Lord To Thee I Now Surrender

My life, O Lord, to Thee I now surrender,
I consecrate my all to Thee;
O use me, Lord, in service for Thy glory,
And only Thine henceforth to be.

O take me, Lord, and use me for Thy glory,
O fill me now with pow’r divine;
My all to Thee, dear Lord, I now surrender,
I’m only Thine, I’m only Thine.

If in the fire my life may e’en be tested,
O purge me, Lord, from ev’ry sin;
Burn out the dross and give me Thine own image,
And make me pure, O Lord, within. [Refrain]

I’ll follow Thee, e’en to the lowly garden,
I’m willing, Lord, my love to show;
It matters not where Thou, dear Lord, dost lead me,
I’ll gladly go, I’ll gladly go. [Refrain]