My Life Was A Failure

My life was a failure, for I was astray,
And serving the tempter from day unto day;
But now, homeward going, a glad song I sing,
For I am forgiven and loved by the King.

I’m loved by the King, He redeemed me,
His praises rejoicing I sing;
I’m lonely no more, my wand’rings are o’er,
I’m loved by the King, hallelujah!

The world could not help me, all friends I had lost,
Alone and in sorrow, by billows was tossed;
But now I have Some-One to whom I may cling,
And look to in trouble,-I’m loved by the King. [Refrain]

O soul, lost in darkness, my King is the Lord,
Who also for you has His life-blood outpoored;
So asking forgiveness, your heart to Him bring,
That you may forever be loved by the King. [Refrain]