My Light And My Salvation O Lord Of

My light and my salvation,
O Lord of life, art Thou;
Accept my consecration,
To Thee I pay my vow.
Thou art the King of glory,
Thy love hath set me free;
O sweet and blessed story,
The Saviour died for me.

O Lord, my life and my salvation,
I love Thee and adore;
I rest on Thee,
The true foundation,
I rest forevermore.

O God of my salvation,
Thou art become my song;
Unceasing adoration
And love to Thee belong.
Through all the hoary ages
Thy Word has still been true;
Today its blessed pages
My hope and strength renew. [Refrain]

To all Thy kingly splendor,
To Thy redeeming love,
What tribute shall I render,
My loyalty to prove?
O Saviour, high and holy,
In all Thy love and might,
Within my heart so lowly,
Be Thou my life and light! [Refrain]