My Light My Great Salvation Is The Lord

My light, my great salvation is the Lord;
While he his strong assistance will afford;
While he, to aid, to comfort me, is near,
No open force, no hidden fraud, I fear.
Me, with big hopes, my wicked foes assail’d;
In vain; their haughty expectations fail’d:
‘Gainst me their various treach’ries they prepar’d;
And fell themselves, in their own toils ensnar’d.
Tho’ wars shou’d threaten, and tho’ camps surround,
Tho’ hostile bands shou’d meditate the wound;
Amid the danger, free from fear, my heart
Wou’d brave the battle, and defy the dart.
One boon alone I’ve ask’d, and still desire,
That, while my breath this vital clay inspire,
I in the temple of my God may dwell,
The wonders of his mighty hand may tell;
The beauty of his holiness survey,
And humble, ardent adoration pay.
For in distress his servant he’ll secure,
My soul in safety from the foe ensure,
Will his pavilion make my strong retreat;
And on a rock will firmly fix my feet:
And now, above my foes exalted, I
My hours in grateful praises will employ,
My victims to his sacred altar bring,
And allelujahs to my saviour sing.
Hear me, my God; to thee I suppliant cry;
All-clement Lord, thy mercy not deny;
‘Tis thy command, that we shou’d seek thy face;
With eager soul I that command embrace;
Thy face not hide in anger from my eyes ;
In danger, in distress, on thee relies
Thy troubled servant; chase his griefs away,
Dispel his darkness, and restore the day.
When father, mother, friends forsake, then thou
Will to my soul thy tender mercies mew.
Do thou benignly lead me in the way,
Lest, by my foes deluded, I shou’d stray;
By them around beset, I’ve none but thee,
My heart from error, from distress, to free.
‘Gainst me with forged calumnies they rise,
And persecute my soul with cruel lies.
And surely I shou’d to my miseries yield,
If not by hope, by faith in thee, upheld.
No longer dubious, in that hope I live,
Assur’d, at length thou’lt kind assistance give.
Therefore, my soul, in confidence of pray’r,
Bravely bear up, and call; on God thy care;
Thee will he strengthen to support thy grief:
–Wait on the Lord, and thou wilt have relief.