My Little Bark Was Tempest Tossed

My little bark was tempest-tossed, and drifting with the tide;
I had no chart or compass true, no pilot for my guide;
A life-boat came to rescue me when hope was almost past;
I entered and now I can sing, I’m on the rock at last.

I’m on the rock at last,
I’m on the rock at last,
No more I sail a stormy sea,
My wanderings are past,
I stepped into the life-boat and now my anchor’s cast,
Oh, hallelujah! Praise the Lord, I’m on the rock at last.

I built my house upon the sand which could not stand the test,
For when the storms of life swept o’er, my heart was sore distressed;
I called on Christ to save me from the fury of the blast;
I’ve found the sure foundation now, I’m on the rock at last. [Chorus]

When Satan comes to buffet now, when fiercely beats the tide,
I do not fear the angry gale, but in the rock I hide,
And there I sing with trusting heart, tho’ clouds may overcast;
I’m safely hidden in the Cleft, I’m on the rock at last. [Chorus]

And here upon the rock I’ll stay, till Jesus comes again,
And catches up His waiting Bride a thousand years to reign;
And then I’ll sing this song anew with all earth’s sorrows past;
All glory be to Calv’ry’s Lamb, I’m on the rock at last. [Chorus]