My Lord And Savior Govern Me

My Lord and Saviour govern me,
In all what e’er I do;
In whom should I depend, but thee,
While I am here below.

By thee, my soul was dearly bought,
And thus became thy claim.
In all my life I humbly ought,
To prove that such I am.

But unto thee, O Lord, ’tis known,
In vain I strive to hide;
The many evils I have done,
Since I set thee aside.

All my engagements were in vain,
My solemn vows are broke,
And I became enslav’d again,
To bear the tempter’s yoke.

To whom or whither can I flee,
To be again restor’d;
Who can afford such grace to me,
But Jesus, thou my Lord.

Thy promises are my recourse,
To have my strength renew’d;
To conquer sin and Satan’s force,
I trust to thee my God.