My Lord In Glory Reigning

My Lord, in glory reigning
Upon the glassy sea,
By Angel hosts surrounded,
Is thinking still of me.
My heart for joy is dancing,
My lamp I trim and clear,
The Bridegroom bides me enter
If I but persevere.

My Lord a land is ruling,
The land of pure delight,
Whence hate and might are banished,
And all is love and light,
What though my lot be lowly,
What though my way be drear;
‘Tis mine, ’tis mine, that kingdom,
If I but persevere.

My Lord a home is building,
A mansion passing fair,
Of pearl and gold all burnished,
Of jewels, costly, rare;
A home where nothing lacketh,
Away with doubt, and fear!
‘Tis mine, ‘Tis mine, that mansion,
If I but persevere.

My Lord a song is teaching
The Angels choirs on high;
They strike their harps and cymbals,
And sound the psaltery.
A song to greet the wandered,
To Heaven’s gate drawing near;
‘Tis mine, ’tis mine, the welcome,
If I but persevere.