My Many Sins I Now Can See

My many sins I now can see,
How black they all appear!
O what a dreadful history,
It fills my soul with fear;
I’m sorry, Lord, for what I’ve done,
I cry for help to Thee;
Now for the sake of Thy dear Son,
Have mercy, Lord, on me.

Lord, in thy blessed Word I’ve read
About a “living way,”
And that the blood of Christ was shed
To wash my sins away.

In years that now are past and gone
The prophet gave a call,
And this was it-“Ho, every one”;
That surely must mean all,
And if he called to every one
I’m surely counted in;
My doubts and fears are almost gone,
To trust I now begin. [Refrain]

He bade them “to the waters come,”
He spoke of “milk and wine”;
I’m thirsty, Father, give me some,
What Jesus bought is mine:
I drink, I drink, by living faith,
I feel my sins forgiven;
The merits of my Savior’s death
Makes me an heir to Heaven. [Refrain]