My Mind Upon Thee Lord Is Stayed

MY mind upon thee, Lord, is stayed,
My all upon thy altar laid,
O hear my prayer!
And since, in singleness of aim,
I part with all, thy power to gain,
O God, draw near!

Saviour, dear Saviour, draw nearer,
Humble in spirit I kneel at thy cross;
Speak out thy wishes still clearer,
And I will obey at all cost.

By every promise thou hast made
And by the price thy love has paid
For my release,
I claim the power to make me whole,
And keep through every hour my soul
In perfect peace.

And now by faith the deed is done,
And thou again to live hast come
Within my heart.
And rising now with thee, my Lord,
To lose the world I can afford,
For mine thou art.