My Mothers Hand Is On My Brow

My mother’s hand is on my brow,
Her gentle voice is pleading now;
Across the years so marred by sin
What memories of love steal in!

O mother, when I think of thee,
‘Tis but a step to Calvary;
Thy gentle hand upon my brow
Is leading me to Jesus now.

Once more I see that look of pain,
The anguish in those eyes again;
My heart is sad, for well I know
My sin has caused this bitter woe. [Chorus]

While others scorned me in their pride
She gently drew me to her side;
When all the world has turned away,
My mother stood by me that day. [Chorus]

The memories of bygone years,
My mother’s love, my mother’s tears,
The thought of all her constant care
Doth bring the answer to her prayer. [Chorus]

I’m coming home, by sin beset,
For Jesus loves me even yet;
My mother’s love brings home to me
The greater love of Calvary. [Chorus]