My Path May Be Lonely And Dark Be The Ni

My path may be lonely, and dark be the night,
The clouds may be hiding the sun from my sight,
Yet I have assurance that all will be right,
Because (Because) I love Jesus.

Because I love Jesus, Jesus,
Because (Because) I love Jesus;
My soul is at rest, and in Him I am blest,
Because (Because) I love Jesus.

Because I love Jesus, my Savior and thine,
There’s peace in my soul, there is comfort divine;
‘Twill always abide, for the promise is mine,
Because (Because)I love Jesus. [Refrain]

Tho’ loved ones be taken away from my side,
Tho’ riches and honor to me be denied,
Yet if I but trust Him no ill can betide,
Because (Because) I love Jesus. [Refrain]

Tho’ all that is evil against me combine,
Tho’ Satan around me his snares should entwine,
Yet if I am faithful a crown will be mine,
Because (Because) I love Jesus. [Refrain]