My Redeemer Has Gone To Prepare

My Redeemer has gone to prepare (in the sky)
Blessed mansions of rest by and by (by and by);
Soon He’ll call me home to rest
With the ransomed and the blest,
For it all will be glory by and by (by and by).

How I long for that rest
In the home of the blest,
‘Twill be sweet when we meet
Oh, it will be glory by and by.

I’ve no treasures to bind me below (here below)
In this land full of sorrow and woe (here below);
All my treasures are above
In that land of peace and love.
Soon I’ll go and shall rest forevermore (evermore). [Refrain]

I shall sing home at last by and by (by and by),
And my voice will be tuned to the lyre (heav’nly lyre);
Then my song shall ever be,
Home at rest beyond the sea,
It will all soon be glory by and by (by and by). [Refrain]