My Savior Died That I Might Live Ulmer

My Savior died that I might live,
And now my life to him I give;
No other master would I own,
But serve my Lord, and him alone.

I am his and he is mine
Wondrous bond of life divine,
He has set his seal on me,
His to be eternally.

In meekness sitting at his feet,
I learn love’s lessons passing sweet;
‘Tis joy supreme to linger here,
Communing with my Lord so dear. [Refrain]

When as his messenger I go
Upon glad errands to and fro,
His presence with me still abides,
With counsel true my way he guides. [Refrain]

And when at last his voice of love
Shall call me to my home above;
Up there my joy shall ever be
That I am his eternally. [Refrain]