My Savior Dwells In Heaven

My Saviour dwells in heaven,
And I shall go there too,
This promise he has given,
And well I know ’tis true;
It was for me he suffered,
It was for me he died,
It was for me he rose again
And open’d heaven wide.

Then, brother, will you go with me,
Go with me, go with me?
Oh, sister, will you go with me,
The Lord invites you, too?

I want to see my Jesus,
And meet him face to face,
I’ll go with love and meekness,
He’ll save me by his grace;
I know that he is waiting
Upon the other shore,
For in his holy book he says
He’ll bear us safely o’er. [Refrain]

I want to see the glory
The angels have above,
And sing with them the story
Of Jesus’ wondrous love;
I want to praise my Maker
Forever, evermore,
Within my hand a harp of gold,
Like those who’ve gone before. [Refrain]

So, when my days are closing,
And twilight shadows fall,
I want to be reposing
On Christ my all in all;
And when the morning wakens
In that celestial home,
I’ll live thro’ all eternity,
And never more will roam. [Refrain]